Privacy Policy

Do you collect any extra information?


The only information that I collect is the IP address that you're viewing this site from. This information is stored in the server logs to assist with troubleshooting. Otherwise, I do not look at this information, nor do I use it to determine your identity or correlate any information about you.

Do you use any cookies?


Except the real baked ones with chocolate chips :P. Seriously, I do not and there is no need to. I have no reason to use them.

What about links?

Watch where you click!

While I do ensure to link externally to only trusted or know sources, mis-linking or something out of my control could occur and mess up a link I have posted. Regardless, be safe on the web and practice safe browsing. If a link is broken or you feel that it goes to the wrong location contact me on Mastodon to get it resolved.

Anything else I should know?

Be safe and be nice!

Please don't attempt to hack my stuff!

Under no circumstances do I give authorization for any testing or attempts at access for the devices, software and solutions that host this website.

If you feel the need to be mean, please go watch a cute cat video instead!