What's a Dijit?

Hey there! I'm Dijit!

Purple Boi

Hackerman Hackerwolf?, Hackerdog?

I'm a huge fan of the color purple (if you haven't noticed) and I am constantly muzzle deep into the InfoSec world.


From malware and offense to defense and hardening it's not only a hobby, but what I also do when not acting like a purple dog on the Internet. On my off time, I'm usually tinkering away at my next big project or taking some relaxing time to play some video games.

When playing games, I usually enjoy acting stupid on GTA Online or building my next complex contraption on Minecraft.

Be Gay Do Crimes

Outside of games, I enjoy taking fursuit photos and being creative with new super cute outfits. I try to post these regularly on Mastodon and Twitter.

You might be able find me at many east-cost furry conventions walking around in the cutest pastel-colored skirts with matching thigh-highs. Or in any collection of maids (or a maid raid, if you will).

When I'm not dressed as a femboy, and I'm in normie space, you'll also find me at many InfoSec conventions, such as Defcon or Shoocon.

Mastodon Posts